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    Terms & Conditions

    The FRIARS website is owned and operated by Moonshine Press trading. Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand.

    1) Agreement between You and FRIARS

    These terms and conditions apply in addition to any other terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers contained elsewhere linked to by www.friars.co.nz and its associated websites. Your use of the Site constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers.

    2) Supplier goods and services

    2.1) FRIARS operates the Site as a referral forum for short term holiday lets of less than 60 days and independent activities.

    2.2) We are not an agent for owners or managers that advertise properties or activities on www.friars.co.nz, nor are we an agent for any third party suppliers of other goods or services that are advertised on www.friars.co.nz (each of which is referred to in these conditions as a 'Supplier'). We are not involved in the actual transaction between you and any Supplier. Each Supplier has their own online payment system. You enter into any transaction with a Supplier entirely at your own risk.

    2.3) Information provided on the Site about goods and services offered by a Supplier is provided by that Supplier. We do not monitor, verify or endorse information submitted by Suppliers for posting on the Site and you should be aware that such information may be inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date. Facilities, activities or other services that form part of your booking may be subject to change.

    2.4) We do not make any representation as to the safety, quality, condition or description of any goods or services provided by Suppliers that are linked to this Site. Any issues regarding safety, quality, condition or description should be dealt with directly with the Supplier with whom you have made the booking. www.friars.co.nz is unable to provide refunds in these instances.

    2.5) Suppliers may impose their own terms and conditions in relation to their goods and services. You acquire goods and services from Suppliers subject to those terms and conditions, so you should check that you agree to the terms and conditions before you confirm your booking.

    2.6) All bookings are subject to Supplier availability.

    2.7) You agree that you will only use the reservation/enquiry forms on linked Sites for genuine booking enquiries or reservations.

    3) Exclusion of liability for Suppliers

    To the extent permitted by law, neither www.friars.co.nz nor any other person or entity whose site or listings have been integrated into the Site, will be responsible, and we exclude all liability, for any loss or damage whatsoever (including personal injury and damage to property) that you or another person may suffer in connection with the offer or supply of (or default in supplying) goods or services by Suppliers.

    4) Validation

    You may be required to provide a credit card at check-in/arrival to cover incidental charges and you may also be required to provide photo ID. Suppliers may refuse accommodation or activities where they are not reasonably satisfied as to the credentials of any guest or customer at the time of check-in/arrival.

    6) Reservations and payments

    Either through bank deposit or Online Payment Systems, you must make all arrangements for payment directly with the Supplier.

    7) Changes, cancellations and refunds

    Terms and conditions for booking changes, cancellations and refunds are specific to each Supplier and/or each property that they list. These terms are set out on the payment page of the Online Payment System provided to you by the Supplier.